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Give Miami Day

November 16, 2023

Give Miami Day is one of the largest 24 hour annual giving events in the nation. On this day, anyone can make a philanthropic impact by supporting our community's local organizations. Make sure to support the ADAPT Foundation this year on November 16!

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Our Story

The ADAPT Foundation, a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, is dedicated to empowering under-resourced local youth aged 8 to 17 through its Youth Development Program (YDP). YDP takes a holistic approach, focusing on physical and mental strength and conditioning to nurture overall wellness in young individuals.


One of the most significant events in the foundation's calendar is Give Miami Day, a prominent annual 24-hour giving event. This day stands as one of the largest philanthropic gatherings in the nation, enabling anyone to make a substantial impact by contributing to local organizations that are working tirelessly to uplift the community.

In the previous year, the ADAPT Foundation achieved a remarkable feat by raising over $10,000 during Give Miami Day. This financial support allowed them to expand their existing youth programs and offerings, leading to a positive influence on more than 100 children participating in their initiatives throughout the year. As the foundation strives to continue its mission, this year's goal is set even higher, with an aspiration to secure $15,000 during Give Miami Day.

Your support for the ADAPT Foundation on November 16th will play a pivotal role in helping them reach this ambitious target. By participating in Give Miami Day, you will contribute to their cause, providing greater opportunities for underprivileged children to benefit from the comprehensive YDP programs, fostering their physical and mental well-being, and ultimately enhancing their prospects for a brighter future. Your donation on this day can make a meaningful impact on the lives of the youth in your community. Donate now!

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